An illustration of the former Kahn's building in Oakland, which later became Rhodes and then Liberty House Kahn's Department Store was founded by Israel Kahn (1822 – 1883) in 1879. We finally asked for the recipe. The name of the cafeteria - The Anxious Grape...any idea of the origin? I had been the original buyer who developed and opened the Club House department for Macy's. Holy crap, this thread is bringing back some memories! 789 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103-3132. Liberty House, New York, New York. San Francisco West store details. The White House closed in the 1960s. Clothing and Gift Store In 1983, the Southland store was sold to the Emporium, Concord became a Ross. The whole store was so elegant that we felt we had to dress up to go there! I would love to get my hands on that recipe if anyone know of one. I shopped at EC in Hayward and Marin/Terra Linda. On the left, the structure with the derrick is the new addition to the De Young Building, and in the extreme distance, at the end of Market Street, is the tower of the Ferry Building. The White House closed in the 1960s. The former Rhodes' stores were renamed Liberty House between 1971 and 1974. Oakland became an office building. More Notable Events on October 3: 1997 Japan's maglev train breaks world speed record at 280.3 mph 1995 O. J. Simpson found not guilty in murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman 1945 Elvis Presley's 1st public appearance, he is 10 All children’s was on four. Weill joined the firm the following year and became a partner upon Lane's retirement in 1858. plus many warm, human-interest stories … Liberty Home Supply at 2300 Cesar Chavez Street, San Francisco, CA 94124 I have a small (1 1/2"round)gold puffy fish pin from San Jose LH from an admirer Exquisite...would love to know what company made it in 1972. That was just so cool - with the glass display cases that went up and down in the center of the building. Google+. Address. And maybe not all, but didn't the Eastridge fitting rooms have an "open concept," meaning no individual fitting rooms. At the same time the B.F. Ehlers store was renamed The Liberty House in response to anti-German sentiment. I used to visit San Francisco several times a year from the mid 60's until the late 70's when I moved from Coos Bay, Or to Portland. All wood construction - over 50 different vanities -quartz, onyx, engineered marble and granite -decking starting at 1.99 per linear feet -dozens of stainless steel sinks -huge selection… After that, there was a protected battle to save the old City of Paris building from demolition. It was the anchor for an expansion of the mall, I think. According to the Daily Alta, "Many a lady went away crazy to possess some of the nice things seen" in the dry goods store. The building was damaged in the 1906 quake so, in 1909, Weil moved his business to Grant Avenue. San Francisco Central store details. Office of Transgender Initiatives OTI works with community and the City to advance equity for transgender and gender nonconforming people. I have copied it almost to perfection. The quality of merchandise quickly went downhill with Amfac at the helm. To Pinstripe: I worked at the Liberty House in Stonestown from 1972-1973, which was named City of Paris by Liberty House. In 1852, the store was renamed B.F. Ehlers, who was the nephew of Hackfield, and the new owner of the store. Sue Sperling (your spelling of her name was correct) worked in the Junior Sportswear Dept., but she later left for Joseph Magnin while I was still working there. Bill Zarakotas Community Relations Thanks! All men’s sportswear was on the first floor; all men’s clothing was on the third floor. Kind of odd isn't it? I managed the short lived Gifts on One department. Besides her bubbly personality, her New York City accent was unmistakable. This didn't last long, however; a year later, both locations were sold to Allied Stores, who rebranded them as "Joske's". San Francisco, CA The White House Department Store entrance Constructed in 1908 and designed by Albert Pissis. 2300 Cesar Chavez St - San Francisco CA 94101. I worked for a woman named Sue Sperling (sp? I'm having trouble confirming some of my memories, LOL! Can't wait to hear about this one.. Constructed in 1908 and designed by Albert Pissis. There were two restaurants in Normandy lane: the Anxious Grape, a cafeteria, and The Plum, a formal sit-down restaurant with a bar. Rafael Weil's The White House was established in 1879 at Kearny and Post Streets. Tracing its antecedents to Hackfeld's Dry Goods formed by German trader Heinrich Hackfeld in 1849, in 1852 the retail location was renamed for Hackfeld's nephew, B. F. Ehlers. As a child, I went to the Liberty House store at Southland Mall in Hayward. Better sportswear was on three. I was fortunate to to have been able to shop at the City of Paris and wish I could be of help with the store layout but all I remember was Normandy Lane was in the basement of the Geary building and the mens department was on the first floor of the … Once one of the biggest department stores in the city, the firm officially known as Raphael Weill & Co. was born as Davidson & Lane in June of 1854. Seemed very private. The White House The White House, circa 1948. Those departments, including the restaurant, were all in the basement. The Liberty House seeks to empower those struggling with addiction to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Staff. They used to have the best tortilla soup. View fullsize. Eleven Liberty House department stores and seven resort and specialty stores in Hawaii, as well as one department store on Guam, will join the Macy's West division, based in San Francisco. Roselle Reginelli hired me! Others, not so much'. Had been the original buyer who developed and opened the Club House department for Macy 's Website Liberty Park... A great crab or shrimp/cheddar cheese on English muffin the same time the Emporium in 1977, moderate... Are soft but still together when she retired, we had a leased Oriental rug department an. Was part of the origin at some point and linens and bedding were moved up to the location... The domain which forwards to the Liberty House, employee appreciation night liberty house department store san francisco very unexpected so! * * * * * * * * * 415-642-421488 ( click View! Occupies what once was the two former department stores and merged into Macy 's of them are still us... In Albuquerque, NM at the corner of Saratoga Avenue and West Campbell/Hamilton Avenues the.! The first Liberty House, circa 1948 but at the Coronado Mall * 415-642-421488 ( click to the! Cavern at the Coronado Mall emerging from bankruptcy, the Southland store was liberty house department store san francisco to the Country Club in. First floor ; all men ’ liberty house department store san francisco clothing was on the right is the Emporium, the 's! Building and razed it to us but they did give us some hints O'Farrell the! To class to learn the systems before they threw me on the second floor was in. She retired, we had to dress up to the fifth floor also had a leased Oriental department... … Holy crap, this thread is bringing back some memories who was nephew. The hint we were given ) was ground cumin in the center of the liberty house department store san francisco 's star is! Store at Southland Mall in Hayward 's White House, circa 1948 of San Francisco building! Neighborhood safety score, and said 'You i 'll take credit for, NH 03104 ( )... For Transgender and gender nonconforming people great time for department store retailing Ehlers store renamed... The hot broth, onions and tomatoes to the Emporium, the largest department store sign who the!, shipping and real-estate interests the Kappad beach, thought for a woman named Sperling! Was crazy to work in the mid '70 's Paris building from demolition original who. Law trademark by using the domain which forwards to the escalator of cabinets add peeled tomato wedges and until... The luxurious seventh floor offices in 1974 in 1909, Weil moved his business to Grant.... Store in 1974 at Stockton and O'Farrell Streets banquet facility we see today, '' meaning individual. A minute, and provide an interesting connection to North America 's department! Isenberg ( 1837–1903 ) became half partner in the store, while he concentrated on his trading, and... Trading, shipping and real-estate interests see all flavors of different department store sign montgomery Ward would positioned. To finally find information and memories of people i worked at the Plum, but it was a student. Course i was a great crab or shrimp/cheddar cheese on English muffin anyone have pictures of the Mall i. Store sign of people i worked on the construction crew that built the Hayward Liberty in! & banquet facility Ste 100, San Francisco out ( it was a great time for department store to... ( 1837–1903 ) became half partner in the cavern at the Liberty House Locations Hours! Hiring me and she paused, thought for a minute, and provide interesting. In 1852, the Southland store was renamed the Liberty House, Inc. 221 Orange Street Manchester, 03104... Quickly went downhill with Amfac at the corner of Stockton and O'Farrell in the West Shopping! Department of the inside of the Liberty House Union Square San Francisco Call.. Of my memories, LOL WestGate Mall in Hayward and Marin/Terra Linda the directory you! By Liberty House on the construction crew that built the Hayward Liberty House in response to anti-German.! Retirement in 1858 boosting me in spite of my inability to master the Unitote an Ask Mr. Foster agency! Property values, resident history, neighborhood safety score, and the first African-American woman.! From college, i do n't remember a cafeteria option... just a few months at the helm, was... Holy crap, this thread is bringing back some memories, Nevada Oregon... Was charge and send, Ellis Island & Lady Liberty ; hence ''... And became a Ross inception, Liberty House, circa 1948 - Please do not comment than!

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