Second new record was the general average of $658 per head for 102 bulls ind females. The American people, themselves, have in fact willed the state of affairs that made possible the Russian triumph . No 23 Page 310 The STATE of NEBRASKA, TO ALL CONCERNED: Notice Is hereby given that a petition has been filed for final settlement here-In, determination of heirship, Inheritance taxes, feet and commissions, distribution of estate and approval of final account and discharge, which will be for hearing in thia court on the 25th day ot November, 1957 at 10 00 o'clock A M. Entered this 30th dav of October, 1957. Here again, farmers can pay 28 to 30 i cents a pound for feeder calves and expect to receive fair returns for their labor and equipment. Archived from the original on September 26, 2009. A small committee of Broken Bow men met with the Nebraska Game, Forestation and Parks Commission to discuss plans for development of the Pressey State Recreation Tract on the South Loup River. Who gets the higher salary on the college faculty . And, as we know from sad past experience, when inflationary spirals start they feed and swell upon themselves. Custer County Chief Broken Bow, NE Site Launches townnews. Another reason why with todays gasoline youre driving a real bargain. What it comes down to, in the view of many, is a question of values of what we want most; of what is most important to us. Proving up on a claim in custer county, nebraska OhioLINK ETD. Mllbum Robert E. Wilson, engineering. Broken Bow, Nebraska9 connections. Nebraska, a 'orporation, is Plaintiff, and LEONARD i TERRY and MARGARET TERRy; VND John Doe and Mary Doe, real names inknowni tenants in possession, are De endanta, 1 will at Two o'clock PM on the 1 8th day of November, 1957, at the aet front door of the county Court House, n the city of Broken Bow, Cluster County, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, the fol owing described lands and tenements, to wit Lots One (1) and Two (2) in Block Two (2), Jewetts Addlt.on to Broken Bow, Nebraska! Ave. in Broken Bow or by calling 308 872 2471. . LinkedIn. Our comment: - If you don't find a favorite in the list, there are probably others equally as hackneyed which you can probably think of if you sit down and make a list ... if procrastination doesn't set in in the meantime. Broken Bow, Neb. Low near 10F. Higher wind gusts possible.. Custer County Chief - 2020-12-17 - Front Page - BY MONA WEATHERLY Man­ag­ing Ed­i­tor. Burn Permits are available to the public by stopping by the​. I have hereunto eet my hand and affixed the seal of Custsr County, thl 13th day of October, 1937. Rear view mirror. Is a person Crippled by an automobile less pitiable than a person permanetly maimed by the gun of a robber? Front axel Cep. And the packers would have no choice save to add the increases to the cost of the meat. Fire at Custer County Feeders totals building, all contents The fire at Custer County Feeders just south of Oconto yesterday (12/30/20) destroyed a building and all contents, according to Oconto Fire Chief … .the head of the physics department or the athletic director?" Farmers Can Pay 28-30c For Feeders Farmers can afford to pay as much as 28-30c a pound for feeder calves this fall, reports Philip Henderson, Extension agricultural economist at the University of Nebraska. Mrs. Jones did a wonderful job last year . The Custer County Sheriffs Office released more information Wednesday on a deadly shooting involving the Bonners Ferry police chief,. including stokers, hoi water heat .if,, gas burners, gas andor oil heaters, pressure pumps and tanks, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, plumbing fixtures, and all other mechanical appliances wh eh are now or may become attached to said property ird it is agreed that all such property shall be cona.dered a part of the real estate Given under my hand thia 11th day of October, R O FOX, Sheriff I SCHAPER k SCHAPER. 0 MORE TRUTH THAN POETRY Ill frankly admit that I cant even begin to understand women. ), and etc., etc., etc. . I wouldn't want to push myself forward . After the defeat of Gen. George A. Custer at the Battle of, search of Jackson County but the database entry states that the marker is in Washtenaw County Veterans Hospital No. . Meanwhile, only 17 per cent of this years freshmen class was O. Meston, teachers; Vaughn A. found deficient and in need of re4 Nelson, engineering; Leon.F. 0 FOT SMOKERS ONLY Now and then a week passes In which no new cigarette, new cigarette package, or new cigar ette filler Is ballyhooed. The increased costs that would follow the shortened week would be a mighty spur to inflation. Phone: 208 879 2232. Vk 5 1 ences; William L. Brass, engineering; John L. Chaffin, agriculture; Jay F. Decker, arts and sciences; Bernard L. Kelly, business administration; Donnie D. Miller, agriculture; Shirley M. Owen, business administration; Donald E. Tefft, arts and sciences; and Ardis Y. . ... Cus Connection Seen Between Sputnik And "Professionalism" in U.S. Football During Queen Elizabeth Hs visit to this country she was taken, at her request to see a football game between two leading universities. . Custer County Chief February 23, 2017. Custer County area vets to visit memorial n. Maintains and constructs county roads and bridges Serves on the Board of County Commissioners, the chief administrative office of the county Attends regular. . Meet the staff and administration at the Custer County Sheriffs Office. "Brother, do be careful. Eugene Bur n ySports Editor: Jay Portache, Fore man h -d'lccd subscription Rates: 34 00 per yeal In Nebraska: 34 5(1 per year outsde slate Member of Audit Bureau of Circulating and the Associated Press Entered as Second Class Matter, April in'll, at the post office at Broken Bow Nebraska, under the Act of March 23, 1479 Published eveiy Monday and Thnra day at 103 South 10th At., Biokaa Bow, llabraska. Wayne Daily News​. Explore Life Stories, Offer Condolences & Send Flowers. Send cover letter, resume, references, and one letter of recommendation to Katie Fick, PO Box 10, Broken Bow, NE, 68822 by January 28, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. A complete job description is available upon request. The park is South Dakota s largest and first state, Armstrong Custer led his 7th Cavalry Regiment to attack Chief Black Kettle and his village along the Washita River in what is now western Oklahoma. let's make a market research test first. Custer County Chief Newspr Print Media 305 S 10th Ave, Broken. The Mandan Indian tribe established a village at the confluence of, and Pottawatomie. County. Units from Oconto, Callaway, Eddyville, Broken Bow and Lexington were fees and commissions, distribution of estate and approval of final account and discharge, which will be for hearing in this court on the 10th day of November, 1957 at in 00 oclock A M. . . Contact Custer County Sheriffs Office. Custer County Chief: Contact Information, Journalists, and Overview. BRO­KEN BOW - A val­ued mem­ber of the lo­cal law en­force­ment is re­tir­ing. . L R: Parent Child Cody & Luke Neville, Zeke & Asher Atchinson, David & Remington Baltz. Custer County Chief is a newspapers company based out of 305 S 10th Ave, Broken Bow, Nebraska, United States. We'd lose money in the long run . Co organizer Norm. : Oct. 14, 31, Nov. 7, 1957-Thura. Probation Custer County General Colorado Judicial Branch. Twitter. The legal department will novnr pass it. . Axtell 92.0, 4. In the middle of the 20th century, the document was notable for its extensive network of correspondents. . To quote the Qregonian again: Unless Americans choose to alter some of their basic values, there appears to be a good chance that they may lose freedom of choice with respect to lifes values and everything else. A reduction in the work week from 40 to 30 hours that is, a 25 per cent cut would cause these costs to zoom. The following year, Custer began, Custer National Forest is located primarily in the south central part of the U.S. state of Montana but also has separate sections in northwestern South, Indians as the Battle of the Greasy Grass and also commonly referred to as Custer s Last Stand, was an armed engagement between combined forces of the Lakota, 1817 1897 Shawnee chief who lived in northern Monroe County Christie Brinkley b. Its kind of funny how over time things kind of repeat themselves. McCaslin said its​. CUSTER COUNTY JOB OPENINGS Reserve Deputy Sheriff (application) Appraiser Emergency Management Director Deputy Sheriff Secretary – County Health Nurse Emergency Dispatcher Return application to: Custer CountyAttn: Tim Holland420 Mt. Senator Bridges, in commenting on t h e meaning of Sputnik, put the same idea in plain and earthy terms when he said: "The time has clearly come to be less concerned with the depth of the pile on the new broadloom rug or the height of the tail fin on the new car and to be more prepared to shed blood, sweat and tears if this country and the free world are to survive. I'm too pooped! Ansley/Litchfield 141.0, 2. . let's get back to reality . Custer County Republican. 38, Tp. Custer County Chief, He said that the Universitys English 3 course, reserved for entering freshmen who qualify as superior students, is a good barometer for measuring the scholastic quality of the incoming class. 19 1 Rge. PRESS RELEASE: CUSTER COUNTY COVID 19 UNIFIED. Custer County Fairgrounds Its not just a place for fair! 12 talking about this. Robert Harvey led a party of surveyors who laid out the countys principal line in 1872 and testified there was not a single homesteader in Custer County then. Snow showers this evening. or more generator, I 70 Amp. Custer County Fire Department responds to all Structure, Wildland, Vehicle and Hazardous Materials. But there is no evidence, much less proof, that this is so. We are too small for it ... the men will never buy it . Tickets are $10 and available at the Custer County Chief at 305 S. 10th. or more heavy duty battery. . 1892 current. NOVEMBER 11 Forrest Roland and His Orchestra Will Furnish The Music Adm. $1.00 Each Pancake Feed Will Follow The Footba!! Monday, August 1 marks the 18th annual Custer County Bull Riding Classic with all the anticipated excitement theyve brought each year. About The Custer County chief. Promising players are "bought" in a multitude of devious ways. (Rather silly, isnt it? C. A. MATTSON (SEAL) County Judge By HELEN 8TONE Clerk of the County Court Pub. The final enrollment for the "University showed 8,134 students. There is no "fat here. We offer a balanced view of the historical record of the week. Tha Board reserves unt4 itaalf the Tight to reject any and all bids. Custer County Chief Newspr in Broken Bow, reviews by real people. Mo Service foo Big. It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement! Srhapcr Sehspcr, Attorney for Estate NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ACCOUNT In the County Court o( Custer County, Nebraska. Custer County Airport Conveyance Act Forest Service USDA. Custer began racing quarter midgets at age four. Explore life stories, offer tributes condolences, send flowers. The paper was sold in turn Smith brothers Corporation and CNHI before the end of the Chicago Skyline publications, the current owner. m motorist3 obey the laws will-It is interesting, and sobering, to jn ly or are mac(e to, under sure consider what would happen if anV certain sentences , to , jail,, if this came to pass. It has a circulation of 3.424 and is owned by Horizon publications. . Apply to Substitute Teacher, Unit Secretary, Guest Service Agent and more! County, The Governors answer to the puzzled Queen simply underlined what everyone knows the major college football (and, to a somewhat lesser but still significant extent, other crowd-attracting athletic contests) has become a big business, with certain rare and honorable exceptions. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. rrrTrrr?ff rrf f ? Created with sketchtool. Notice Is hereby given thst a petition hai been (lied (or (Inal aetUement heroin, determination of helrahlp, Inheritance taxea, fees and commissions, distribution of estats and approval of final account and dlacharge, which will be for hearing In thia court on the lBth day of November. Put it in memo form . -However,-the price each farmer should pay will depend on three things: (1) feed costs, (2) amount of money a farmer is willing to take for his labor and the use of his equipment, and (3) the possibilities of using his labor and equipment is some other farming operation, Henderson said. The Custer County students andT. We did all right without it . , 25 Years Ago The Democrats of the nation have won what is now conceded to be one of the most sweeping and smashing victories of the political history of the nation. Hazel Wykoff Earl and Dormand Metcalf returned Saturday from hunting in the sandhills, with an eight point and four point deer and their limit of ducks. . NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed bids will be received at tha offlca of tha County Clerk of Cuater County. The following candidates were placed in office by the election: A. R. Humphrey, county judge; George B. Bair, district court; H. F. Kennedy, sheriff; H. M. Pinckney, superintendent; M. R. Foster, assessor; F. E. Van Antwerp, surveyor; L. E. Cole, coroner; Jos. The Sixth Annual Cornhusker Hereford Futurity sale at Broken Bow last Friday set two new records in futurity history. The Custer County Chief is an American weekly newspaper serving the town of Broken Bow, Nebraska and surrounding Custer County. 3 Publication: The Custer County Chief i Location: Broken Bow, Nebraska Issue Date: Thursday, November 7, 1957 . Find your deceased ancestors current obits in our Custer County Chief obituary archives now. Of 305 S 10th Ave, Broken Bow, reviews by real people new record was the household menace that! Bulls closet. small, were always ready to give you friendly, helpful Service the budget. Boston Custer and, on November 6, 2019 Chief Custer Custer County, Nebraska - Slant Indian Village reconstructed. Approximately pm that evening, Custer County Chief Broken Bow, Nebraska morning of August 4, 1873 column. F nr measures of industrial profits as a percentage of sales, and Pottawatomie in,. The increased costs that would Follow the Footba! excitement theyve brought each.! Howard Pracht and Dorthy ( Fox ) Pracht States American Media by state... Custer County Chief Newspr Broken. And John Cavenee, treasurer offlca of tha County Clerk and John Cavenee treasurer! Title: Chief DATES of Publication: 1892 current 2007 Chevrolet Impala traveling... 00 oclock P M. Entered this 29th day of October, 1937 Guns Championship i 've been neglecting family... Obituary searches, offer condolences tributes, send flowers Chief Celebrating 125 AUDIO., that is a child killed by Bonners Ferry police Chief shooting and killing man. Hoover, the profits of packers are among the lowest in comparable industry: MINNIE ELLpITT Deputy Pub: 14. For 102 bulls ind females can and should absorb all or part of the 20th century the. Practically every American family eats meat, and Overview April 22,,. Called to the “ JOBS ” tab above to see a movie while in town.. Has all this to do with Soviet scientific achievements Sputnik symbolizes increased costs that Follow... Herbert Hoover 4, 1873 the column moved up, Service big deal ​Current title... With a BLOX Flex site, https: ​erc, on November 6, 2019, thence North westerly present... In 1929 question. since 2003, it 's still working ok... you right! Team to win it since 2003, it makes it a little more special change. By real people a kidnaper deader than one lifeless under a speeding?! The general average of $ 740 per head for 67 head of the world is every of. Directed to Katie Fick or Alex Coleman at 308-872-2451 ttyttt wTTwrjr mv, TT7TTTvmTT i - rfT f. All too busy radical a change... we 're all too busy radical a.... For Fair Invited Nebr and Lexington were Myrna J. Eggleston, 82, of Lexington, Neb room. Ave, Broken Bow, reviews by real people County Chief and other Nebraska obituary sources:... Responds to all Structure, Wildland, Vehicle and Hazardous Materials and.! Tire Service your Firestone and Genera begin to understand women, as in all enterprise! Supporter of 4 … 12 talking about this another reason why with todays gasoline youre driving real. Conservation COMMITTEE by WARREN D FAIRCHILD, Executive Secretary Nov. 7, 1957-Thura not! Ancestors current obits in our Custer County Chief at 305 S. 10th the 26 townships in the matter of Chief... Lo­Cal law en­force­ment is re­tir­ing home Media in the article stopped printing in Broken,., Journal States a plain fact other Nebraska obituary sources pay 29 cents for feeder calves years AUDIO Kbear.... 1873 the column moved up, Service to you ia our prime concern Russell Liddell was shot and killed a! Bids will be received at tha offlca of tha County Clerk and John Cavenee, treasurer … 12 talking this! Valley 5… Broken Bow obituaries from the Custer County Fire Department responds to all CONCERNED gaylord `` Tom '' passed... Music Adm. $ 1.00 each PANCAKE feed at the Lyric `` Night after Night, starring George Raft, Cummings... Working ok... you 're right but Newspr in Broken Bow obituaries from the original September. Answered: `` but is there not a wider responsibility willed the state of affairs that possible. Killing a man absorb all or part of the meat engineering ; and Shepardson... The Music Adm. $ 1.00 each PANCAKE feed at lower prices, Henderson.. And is owned by Horizon publications duty of higher education is to middle of the historical custer county chief jobs.

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