Shopping there is like having personal shoppers...really good staff. – In ShortEven faux designer purses are hard to find in Salt Lake City, but this shop has both the real deal and fakes, including Prada, Fendi and Gucci. SALT LAKE CITY — Websites advertising the latest fashions at bargain prices are extremely popular. Websites advertising the latest fashions at bargain prices are extremely popular. Monday morning, Salt Lake City was ranked the worst in the United States for bad air quality. A consumer group says some well-known stores seem to have perpetual sales on certain items, so the “discounted” price is really the regular price. I thank goodness for Name Droppers in Utah- where else could I have found my favorite Prada heels or my Dolce and Gabanna lingerie? In all three purchases, the items from Rosegal were made of cheaper material, were slightly a different color, and had damage like holes and stains. Shop Target Salt Lake City Store for furniture, electronics, clothing, groceries, home goods and more at prices you will love. They are rude and sell fakes! Most of them still with tags reflecting original purchase prices. You May Have to Pay A Penalty If You Sell Counterfeit Goods. YOU GOTTA LOVE IT. They were so mean to us. Modern Vintage says it is occasionally successful in having stolen photos taken down, but they quickly pop back up on other sites. By subscribing, you acknowledge and agree to's. – I love shopping at Namedroppers. But is it really the same thing? my friends go to department stores and spend triple what i spend. Its speed, connectivity, and anonymity make it possible to sell nearly anything to anyone at anytime. Don't like it. 10PM: Cheap clothing sites steal photos to create knock-offs, Utah boutique says. Brands like free people, seven,lacoste, Burberry and even really really high end like Chanel and gucci. Best consignment store ever – I would highly recommend shopping and consigning at Namedroppers. This archived news story is available only for your personal, non-commercial use. All rights reserved. They claimed my stuff went to donation. Once upon a time, counterfeit designer goods were a fashion no-go. Consignment Beware – I went there last year around August 2009 in hopes of re-selling a huge and expensive collection of Banana Republic and Ann Taylor apparel. "Yes," answered Thueson. I got a reply saying: “Kindly note that the label can be also scanned, it does not need to be printed.” The federal law systems in most countries make it illegal to sell counterfeit goods. Her photos can be found all over the Internet, but some are real and some are stolen. Poshmark makes shopping fun, affordable & easy! I wish we donated to DI or Big brothers and Big sisters. Ever since cheap clothing sites started advertising all over social media, sales at Modern Vintage have dropped 35 percent. And it's illegal. Shoppers might not realize that at least some portion of clothing at outlets is made more cheaply and specifically for the outlet — “kind of a knockoff of itself,” as BuzzFeed reported in 2014. I feel they were not honest and they were short with us for a reason. The staff is also rude and clueless! You will find top of the line clothing that you see on shops like Zara and more. ", It's a complaint that can be found over and over again online. Reading or replaying the story in its archived form does not constitute a republication of the story. Tessuti is the only destination you need for designer menswear, womenswear and kidswear from Stone Island, BOSS, Barbour, Polo Ralph Lauren and more. All the staff is very helpful & friendly. I always find the cutest clothes at great prices. I also bought shorts there and they didn't work out. They sold a blazer to me for $100 but when I took it in to consign because I hardly ever wore it, they didn't take it! Here's what to look for. Always do your research on the seller by reviewing their feedback and selling history. I call 3 times a month to check on them. They are very inconsistent with what they take and I can't seem to find reasons why they won't take certain items. At Clothes Mentor we buy and sell gently used designer clothing. Some internet sites clearly sell fake goods at a cheap rate and are easily targeted by trademark owners and their lawyers. NAME DROPPERS THEIR CLOTHES TO SELL. I feel cheated.". Unfortunately, that can include the sale of fake products as well -- everything from counterfeit purses or shoes, to knockoff clothes, and even fake medications. We felt so disrespected with their attitude and mean manners. Check out both locations they are both a really fun shopping experience. Now I just zip in to see what's marked way down. I love this place! U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. 1, 2016 at 10:42 p.m. 1,082 new COVID cases reported Monday as Utah marks 1,500 deaths during pandemic, 'Unprecedented' show of force meets modest protest at Utah Capitol on Sunday, Fire officials respond to 3-alarm blaze in Midvale office building, Weather alerts issued for northern Wasatch Front winds, southeastern Utah snow through Tuesday morning, High winds blow into northern Utah Tuesday morning, Police arrest fatal hit-and-run suspect who hid in manure, escaped custody while in hospital, Former BYU basketball coach Tony Ingle dies at 68, Lindon man dies in Sunday rollover accident, Biden to propose 8-year citizenship path for immigrants, Woman may have tried to sell Pelosi computer device to Russians, FBI says, Tooele firefighters rescue man trapped on 2nd story of burning house, Pinball machine repair business hits new high score. I have a Fake website selling toys using a closed business website and address. Claim: In September 2020, Kohl's announced it would begin selling a line of Black Lives Matter merchandise. This location is Name Droppers Outlet Store – I love that Name droppers has an outlet store since they opened the new store on Highland Drive. I can refresh and replenish my closet often and re-sell pieces and then buy new ones with the $. "At first it was kind of funny, but then I realized, that's my image," said Allsop. How could they be gone? Several weeks ago, nine KSL reporters ordered clothing from nine different websites based in China. It appears what is happening is that many bargain websites are pirating photos first and creating cheap knock-offs later. "Some of those products can be in many cases pretty vulgar and unnecessary," espousing hate against the opposing team, Eden said. They are rude and sell fakes! Selling fake and counterfeit goods is against the law. I'm not familiar with all the stores on your list, but I wouldn't consider stores like Shein to be scams. I LOVE NAME DROPPERS- IT'S THE FIRST PLACE I TAKE MY GIRLFRIENDS WHEN THEY COME TO VISIT- NOW MOST OF THEM SEND KSL Investigators found three photos on, allegedly stolen from Modern Vintage, and placed an order for the three items. The goal was to find out if the deals were too good to be true. In this email, I asked Tessuti to confirm that I would be reimbursed for the item, postage to me (which is overpriced for an online retailer, I might add (£4.99)) and return postage. I know that it's tempting for people to want fake products, but fake merchandise is so tacky. Watch out for it is a fake website offering in demand toys at reduced prices . Express delivery is available on request (surcharge applies). i love bringing my old clothes in and making my own little stash of money. And anyway, why do they sell fake bags? Fun Shopping, Frustrating Consigning – I really enjoy shopping at Name Droppers - they have a great variety of clothes and most of the prices are good. Specialties: Aztec Highway stocks Utah's largest selection of action-sports clothing and gear. Tania Mashburn I only wish replicas/knock-offs weren't sold there. © 2021. My favorite is the new store it's so beautiful and furnished like a european boutique, yet everyone there is so friendly even tho they are extremely busy with all the new stuff arriving daily, I've been there when the UPS guy arrived with 8 boxes from LA- New York- & San Francisco no wonder I never see anyone wearing something that i've bought from there. Categories: I still get angry when I drive by the store!!! "It takes a lot of customers from us because they think, oh I can buy this same thing for cheaper," said Thueson. They carry similar styles to these top fashion shops because they mimic their styles and manufacture the same type of clothing. The Outlet is Fantastic! She says you can find at least 20 to 30 of their photos on sites like and I think that there is a difference between sites that sell cheap fast fashion clothing and a "scam". But the biggest beef was that their orders looked nothing like the photo. I LOVE that the girls there know what I like and are genuinely excited to show me pieces they know I will LOVE. They should be able to show you a copy of their receipt or similar paperwork. I LOVE Name Droppers! Besides, some useful tips and FAQ of replica clothing wholesale can be found. An array of mid-to-upscale clothing and antique furniture make this vintage-consignment boutique thrift shopping at its best. Best Stores on Aliexpress for Clothes. "No," said Thueson. I highly recommend stopping by to see for yourself. Reporting a Retailer Selling FakesReporting a Retailer Selling Fakes. Used Clothing, Mastercard Accepted, Second Hand Goods, Consignment Shops, Discover Accepted, Department Stores, Visa Accepted, Clothing, Discount Stores, American Express Accepted, Sleepwear. Like the first website, you can find more channels to wholesale or buy fake clothes through this website. !> It is a Rip Off Place! Much of my closet is from Name Droppers. She's also a model for Modern Vintage. – I have been a client at Name Droppers for 10 years. By I neither will ever shop at this place nor will ever bring any of my stuff in. And, Rose is the best- so sweet and helpfu! If the receipt does not come from a reputable dealer, like a Coach store, Nordstrom, or Bloomingdales, it may be fake. After trying on dresses and jackets, shirts and sweaters, almost everyone agreed that quality was severely lacking. I worked for Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo and my dress code was top notch. They just won’t have the word “Sponsored” above them. A clothing boutique in California, which clearly states on its website that the picture is being used illegally. If you see something that appears to be an ad but you don’t see the word “Sponsored” above it, you can be 100% certain that it’s a scam. "Fake branded items?" It's hard for consumers looking for a bargain to tell the difference. To save the Online Shop to your home screen, simply browse to on your iPad or iPhone. AMAZING DESIGNER CLOTHING AT UNBEATABLE PRICES!!! I contemplated and wanted to donate it to a charity. 0 For buy wholesale replica clothes, this is the second replica online site you can go to. Citysearch is a registered trademark of CityGrid Media. Registered address 138 Westbourne Grove , Westcliffe -on-Sea Ltd SSO 9TY appears … Last Published: 10/18/2019. Burlington is a $6 billion a year, publicly-traded company. I tried calling and they kept giving me the run around. 2350 Parleys Way # 2, – I always find great stuff here. The counterfeit goods industry funds crime, such as terrorism. I am so UPSET! Shipping – … Some legitimate boutiques are taking action through intellectual property attorneys, but the process is expensive. Most fake ads will show up in your Newsfeed just like the legitimate “Sponsored” posts that we’re all used to seeing. Most of the clothing is top-of-the-line, but very gently used. BEST CONSIGNMENT STORE I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!!!! – i have traveled all over the world and i can say in confidence that this is the BEST consignment store i have ever been to! Great Store For Designer Clothes – The new Namedroppers store is like walking into a la boutique. – They tried to sell me a "new" Chloe bag, which I found to be fake because the key lock was upside down. | Find new and preloved Tessuto items at up to 70% off retail prices. Then they compared the real with the fake. I LOVE leaving with bags of designer clothes at prices my hubby won't freak over. Shop our online store to find an excellent selection of designer handbags, wallets, jewelry, shoes, clothes, and more. Andraia Allsop is working towards her computer science degree at the University of Utah. They have the best clothes, shoes, purse, jewelry. Third-party sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay can dupe customers into buying counterfeit makeup, clothing, and electronics. . 5. Sometimes they even change her hair color and add tattoos to her body. 84109 All Signs Point to Scam for Those Trendy Clothes Sites Flooding Facebook With Ads Be wary of Tobi, She In, ROMWE and Rose Gal. Where does the photo really come from? That can only mean counterfeit. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about fake gucci? 4. If the merchandise doesn't sell, the manufacturers have to buy it back. Information in the story may be outdated or superseded by additional information. Posted - Mar. They paid my Brand new BEBE Dress for 5 bucks. Many of those photos, legitimate businesses say, are stolen. If you are buying clothing for $10, you kind of get what you pay for. We sell fabric online and deliver anywhere within Australia. The most common fake gucci material is metal. i love namedroppers and would go there all day everyday if i could. Shop today! love this store...hit it up for good deals. Catch up on the top news and features from, sent weekly. I NEVER ONCE got an email or call back from this store. That’s because even when a buyer knows that the product is a fake, the product can still be used to deceive others. What else isn't funny is the amount of money this theft is costing local businesses. That's disgusting. When I told them, they were extremely rude and they stuck it back in the case. The employees are always so helpful, welcoming, and knowledgeable about the designer merchandise. "I would never guess that I was getting this when I saw that picture.". This is the best place in Salt Lake to find high-end designer merchandise you can't get anywhere else at unbeatable prices! If you part with cash for a fake… My estimated wardrobe was probably $2000+ dollars retail value. When I told them, they were extremely rude and they stuck it back in the case. According to IQAir, a Swiss air quality technology company which specializes in protection against airborne pollutants […] The Facts. The answer is, of course not. Directions. – I love this store. Assortment also includes less expensive brands, such as Banana Republic and Steve Madden. One reviewer even asked, "How can this website sell things so different than the photos? Every once in a while I find something that's not it excellent condition but this is rare. Buying a fake piece of clothing or accessory was associated with a try-hard attitude and an empty pocket. I LOVE wearing what no one else will have on. "I might have to send it back. It’s still counterfeiting even when the people buying and selling the merchandise are aware that it isn’t from the real source–for instance, that the clothing isn’t made by Calvin Klein. For more information on how to spot a fake online, check out our Top 10 Tips. the staff is absolutely great and i never leave without what i went there for. Although selling fakes online can be big business, it's a common online scam. You guessed it: black. You can also ask the seller to show you proof of authenticity. I don't like consigning at this shop. – They tried to sell me a "new" Chloe bag, which I found to be fake because the key lock was upside down. "There's a lot of work that goes into it and basically they're stealing it," said Mike Headrick. They have a huge selection of current designers as well as some cool retro pieces. Kayla Thueson manages Modern Vintage, a boutique in Draper. Zee and Co and Tessuti do sales from time to time too, it is always worth checking. Well you're in luck, because here they come.

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