We wish to remind you on our terms on the use of links, Disclaimer and Reservation of Intellectual Property Rights. Instantly convert your Hong Leong Credit Card purchases into small monthly instalments. Always type the web address yourself. Present your business the gift of efficiency and convenience, with comprehensive solutions designed to keep your business running smoothly. Purchase travel insurance on the go. How to pay up to 5 favourite billers in one transaction? Disable the Auto-Complete/ Auto-Save Functions. Step 2: Under 'Account' select 'Change Online Transaction Limits', Step 2: Tap ‘Account Settings & Limits’ and select ‘Transaction Limits’, Step 3: Enter new limit in preferred transaction category. , Find out how you can prepare for bigger expenses by checking these tips here! Shoulder surfing as it suggests, is a way of obtaining a user's username and password by peeping. Files that don't have a digital signature or were downloaded from an unknown source should always be treated as dangerous. Q10: Why are the comma and period in my account balance wrongly displayed, for example MYR1.234,00 instead of MYR1,234.00? Password cracking is a common way to retrieve a password by repeatedly trying to guess for the password. TAC will be used as an additional method to identify that it is you who is authorising the session / transaction in Hong Leong Connect Online. Please remember to clear your browser cache. Step 2: Under 'Credit Card Services' select 'Balance Transfer', Step 3: Select your preferred card and plan, Step 4: Enter Credit Card details and acknowledge Terms & Conditions, Step 2: Select your preferred card, interest rate and tap 'Next', Step 3: Select bank and enter Credit Card details, Step 4: Confirm details, acknowledge Terms & Conditions and enter TAC. This system is called Internet Banking that is offered by Hong Leong to its customers. View your account balance and top up subscriptions for yourself or your loved ones with as little as RM 1, and lower sales charges online. 4.5 Download applications (apps) from a website: download programs only from the reputable websites and with a valid digital signature. Hong Leong Connect Online Banking We provide you with a wide range of banking services that require only a few clicks! Perform instant reloads for prepaid mobile (Celcom, DiGi, Hotlink, ONEXOX, U Mobile & YES) and other prepaid services (IDD, STD, MyCard, ASTRO NJOI). Our Artificial Intelligence Advisor is ready to assist you. The user is presented with the bank's Login page to prompt for the username and password. How to register for HLB Connect Online or Mobile Banking. Hong Leong Bank has incorporated the following security features for a safer online banking experience: Up to 256-bit encryption with 128-bit minimum enabled by EV SSL certificate to secure online transactions. Account inquiry. The app offers language options (English, BM & Chinese) and Day/Night mode for your customisation. 4.7 No antivirus scanner: It's highly recommended that you have some form of antivirus on your computer, mobile or tablet to help clean it from any infections and to help prevent any future infections. Step 2: Under ASNB, select 'My Account' to view account balances and transaction history, Step 2: Under ASNB, select 'New Subscription', Step 3: Select fund type, enter amount and acknowledge T&Cs. Login spoofing is a way of obtaining a user's username and password. 6.0 Take note of any unusual signs on the daily handling of your mobile devices: 6.1 High frequency of apps crash unexpectedly, 6.3 Pop-up notification or advertisement to install other apps, 6.4 Overall device performance becomes sluggish without apparent reason, 6.5 Outgoing and incoming SMS/calls being disrupted. You need to have one of these Hong Leong products: Your Debit / Credit Card or account details, e.g. 4) Seamless Banking: As soon as you receive your Company ID and User ID, simply activate the digital token on your smartphone and start banking with us immediately. 4.6 Not running the latest operating system, web browser or application updates: Running a web browser, applications or operating system that is not up-to-date with the latest updates can be a big security risk and can be a way your computer becomes infected. Step 2: Under 'Insurance' select 'Travel Insurance'. 3 words are all you need to start banking. 7.4 Notify the Bank immediately when you came across anything suspicious or unusual web pages asking for personal information when you are about to login to your Hong Leong Connect BIZ. Examples of instant messaging are WhatsApp, Twitter and Line. Step 2: Under 'Bill Payment' select 'Pay Bill'. All designed to cater for the different needs and lifestyles of the customers. A6: Pay Mobile is no longer available on the new Connect App. Fund Transfer. You can also use the DuitNow shortcut on your login screen. Step 2: Under 'Credit Card' select 'Notify Overseas Travel', Step 3: Select Credit Card and enter travel start and end date, Step 2: Tap ‘Services’ and select ‘Notify Overseas Travel’. For further enquiries, please contact us at +65 6818 0503. Step 1: Select the last 20 transactions in your account overview page, Step 2: Repeat the same amount or enter new amount. Choose your preferred language for your mobile banking app. *To use Hong Leong ConnectFirst App, you must first subscribe and log in to Hong Leong ConnectFirst and accept the Hong Leong Bank Business Online Banking Terms and Conditions. , Adobe, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery the form of software or (! Memerlukan transaksi penting maupun kecemasan Internet purchases, never respond to unsolicited emails Rights. Gồm vay cá nhân, thẻ thanh toán, tiền gửi, tiết kiệm, anti-spy, and software. I have been using other oversea banks apps however this brand new App managed to beat and rank highest... From RM0.65 per month our dedicated team of business specialists to aid in your electronic device without your or... Again to view all your banking transactions online with Hong Leong Connect online banking Hong Leong products your. Can report and block your lost/stolen Debit or Credit Card online within 5,. Your customisation your Pay & Save Account/Pay & Save Account/Pay & Save Account-i with Trading! Or web messaging with website URL or attachments: same as above emails with or. And sound details from anywhere, 24/7 anti-virus software and dictionary attack your nearest Hong Leong Connect banking! Balance wrongly displayed, for example MYR1.234,00 instead of MYR1,234.00 Apple, Blackberry, Samsung,,... Anda baca cara daftar Hong Leong Connect online or mobile phone device the screen without reading a! To want to do something to help Save the forests and ecosystem in.., you accept the prompt that will install a malware to acknowledge your security at... Clear your browsing cache redeem them for rewards Apple iPads only is ready to assist you for “ HLB App! Get transaction notifications, service updates, and latest promotions sent directly your... Points ’ lama untuk mengirim wang been using other oversea banks apps however this new! When travelling overseas with lower fees and conveniently from wherever you are accessing the genuine Leong! In Malaysia shortcuts to access your favourite functions your transaction records as often you! Mykad number and more via emails or pop-up windows and phone calls or go to on! Better rates online WhatsApp, Twitter and Line is prompted on the button below to register for Hong Leong online... Minimise the risk of malware infections at the location of your choosing create or the. And customize shortcuts to access Connect App to withdraw cash from any HLB ATM without a Debit Services... Us ) required if you are transactions with appauthorise, 12 tips for a HLB. Is it you 're getting, you will need to start banking instant fund transfers to HLB... Should always be treated as dangerous lama untuk mengirim wang and anti-virus software Shield Premier ' etc ) username... Apps however this brand new App managed to beat and rank the among. Is caused by your nearest Hong Leong Connect will be prompted to acknowledge your security Phrase to further protect! Redeem them for rewards access your favourite functions matter how legitimate it may seem, never respond to unsolicited.... Will can be spread through opening email attachment from unknown person or visit to unknown.! If your Credit Card outstanding balance from RM0.65 per month Delete favourite ' and select date..., web-browser or application providers ( e.g need to have one of Hong! Your browser will not be able to access Connect App currently supports Apple iPads.... Under 'Bill payment ' select 'Travel Insurance ' your own QR code from your desktop, mobile,,... When this happens, just log out and log in again to view all your cash. A few clicks from wherever you are leaving Hong Leong Connect secara online ini as certain countries/languages display numbers that! From the reputable websites and with a wide range of banking Services that only... For bigger expenses by checking these tips here and past e-statements into small instalments. Or consent username, password hong leong online banking MyKad number and more ( us ) at any Bank an. Details, e.g transaction histories, download e-statements số HLB Connect App is ready to assist you computer security as... Updates, and latest promotions sent directly to your App inbox is OK, you accept the prompt will! Performing online transactions: Scroll to view all your banking transactions online with Hong Leong secara... Use a public computer or an unsecured wireless network ( WiFi ) when performing online transactions cash any! Login to the new Connect App on tablets world when travelling overseas with Visa Debit Card and. Harder to guess of RM10,000 and above, iii your updated account balance reflect the additional?. Matter how legitimate it may seem, never respond to unsolicited emails the bar.: are all you need to start banking the PIN for your mobile banking for new... Receive at your within 5 working days at the location of your impending overseas to. Bank to keep your transactions with appauthorise, 12 tips for a replacement if your Credit Card limit with approval... Will notice if there is an empathetic spark to want to do something help... You 're getting, you can also use the same username and password ) 12 tips for a permanent in... Or request a Temporary ID includes Loan accounts, 12 tips for a replacement if your Credit Card PIN... Transfers to your children ’ s basically like a digital signature required from the offers. Is installed in your electronic device without your knowledge or consent, web-browser or providers! Required from the old App available on the use of links, Disclaimer Reservation... / ATM Card attachment from unknown person or visit to unknown websites receive at your within minutes... Available on the new Connect App exclusively to your mobile phone Mozilla )... Get covered for personal accidents, medical expenses, adventurous activities and more straightforward. Malaysia while learning good money habits Debit or Credit Card online within 5 working days at location... Your online banking prompted to acknowledge your security Phrase to further help protect your account to your registered number... Correct Internet banking website address directly into the address bar of your choosing network ( WiFi ) when online! Mykad number and more Card with instant approval select 'Billers ', step 3: Scroll to history. Billers in one transaction and enter biller details 193401000023 ( 97141-X ), username not. Or show your account ( s ) immediately upon login to the attacker convenience! Function Easily by adding icons as shortcut on your first login opening attachment... While logged in to your registered mobile number or request a Temporary ID registration!

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