I started nursing school at age 53 and was the second oldest in my class of 29. Nursing schools need to be a whole lot more honest with nursing students from the very beginning. So, go for it! Do you regret all the time in school, do you enjoy the work? I have been trying to decide if I want to further my career and become a nurse. Because it is quite awesome to be able to care for individuals as a job. I often get questions from readers about whether they should pursue a graduate degree in nursing or obtain a law degree. D-iagnose. In fact, it can be extremely … degree will actually give you a significant leg up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Close. All are welcome. I actually love teaching learning nurses and being a nurse, but I'm just jaded enough to answer your questions honestly. I've been a CNA for almost 7 years. Good luck! The average medical school debt is $164,776 for the doctorate alone. This is a good idea. Hello! Maybe it is time to go back to school and stimulate the lifelong learner in you. I have many RN friends, all are making 55-60 k, working only 3 days a week, 12 hr a day, as NEW GRADS. Should I go to Nursing School? The short answer is that the nursing school you choose to attend could affect your nursing career in some ways, but it certainly isn’t the only thing that counts. I've done so much research and have had it decided that this is what I want to do for a couple months now. I love lists so I think that's a wonderful idea. Stay in nursing and enjoy it. Online. I get nice stretches of days off and don't have to go grocery shopping on the weekend. I was in a similar situation as yourself. Maybe there is another specialty that you want to try. So why did you guys decide to become nurses? 1. Home › Forums › Employment & Business Issues › Men going to nursing school This topic has 43 replies, 21 voices, and was last updated 9 years, 4 months ago by charliehall. 6 Straightforward steps to get into nursing school. I would get an ABSN then work for a couple of years to apply to PA. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Yes. As well, I was pursuing a Science degree that I felt was really leading me nowhere when I decided to apply to nursing school. Most people go into nursing to help people but it often doesn't feel like that on the floor. But I do remind myself, it is a job. Of course there are also families who are grateful and kind for any help or care you give. Patients will be assholes to you because they feel like crap and you're a scapegoat, or they just don't care; your coworkers will be assholes to you because they are burnt out from caring too much and in a high stress environment, or just don't care. There is a saying that "hurting people hurt people". Little did I know that my journey to nursing school was going to change my career AND my life forever. It seems more right to me and staying in the EMS field seems more realistic to me than going to medical school. Dr. Getting into nursing school has become a money-making scheme for universities and testing sites. Hey everyone, in this video I talk about nursing school for guys. “How to Pass Nursing School” has information students can use to help them prepare for the journey ahead. To me, it's not what you do, but how you do it. “Remember that you will have some very challenging days both in nursing school and as a nurse,” Pruitt says. As you do that, fill up a sheet of paper with a list of PROs and CONs that apply to you. To succeed in this field, expect to provide care, education, and support to patients with varying medical needs within hospitals, physician’s offices, and/or through home care. I dont have anything now, not RN, CNA, nothing. Failing out of nursing school happens for a range of reasons. That's what I remember and that's one of the reasons why I wanted to go into nursing - or veterinary school. I mean the whole point is to learn how to competently take care of a human being suffering from complex heath issues. May 7, 2016. I’ve over 10 years teaching experience and am currently a nurse educator. You could always become a CNA first and get exposure to the environment and work to see if it’s something your interested in. It’s crazy to think that you got into nursing school on pure luck, or that you got the job because your resume slipped through the cracks. I decided to be a nurse because I enjoy being a CNA and enjoy the work hours, but I don't enjoy the low pay. However a C in nursing school is a NO GO and you will be removed from the program. I was “bullied” in middle school. I knew nursing school was going to be hard. Nursing pays quite a lot. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Hello! ... Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Pinterest. If you’re thinking of going to nursing school, or if you’re currently enrolled, get the new guide to help you succeed. You Will Pull All-Nighters. Or, shall I say, brutally teased by the most popular girls. Of 511 will likely result should i go to medical school reddit med school a good reason to apply medical... For others majority of pre-meds are bio or chem or some spinoff those!, with special emphasis on education and nonprofit industries, but you will struggle residency! Posted by just now. To an extent I enjoy working as a nurse. Again, some MA courses may be transferable to the LPN program. Not sure if I should go to nursing school. Personal Life vs Nursing School Life! En español | Each year, hundreds of thousands of students who are age 50 and older go back to school. Healthcare 1. You can work with an ADN in a lot of areas and many hospitals will pay for your BSN. I'm just curious who has or is currently experiencing being pregnant while in nursing school. I am currently a CNA and have one client who I am a full time caregiver too. Succeeding in Nursing School. Ask your questions and tear down your fears. Hey Leticia! I was wondering if this would be a suitable alternative. The reality of it is so far from this. If anyone thinks that being a nurse is just a "doctor's assistant" or an "angel"; think again. I’ve found that prior CNA’s & LVN’s (especially prior military) make the strongest and fastest transition into the RN workforce upon graduating from a nursing program. . It's tough when everything is one big cloud over you. Great question! Please note that this quiz is not a guarantee of anything. If anyone thinks that being a nurse is just a "doctor's assistant" or an "angel"; think again. Vote. So it's not always going to be fun. I wouldn't worry about the time in school. A large part of why I became a nurse was because I wanted reasonably secure employment. Many RNs worry that they’re too old to complete their degree. I feel like going to paramedic school seems more beneficial to me, I want to advance on from EMT and be able to do more advanced life support. Created Oct 18, 2009. My husband and I have an itch to start making babies (we want 3 or 4) although we know it would be much "easier" to wait until I finish school. Several additional things to consider that haven’t been already addressed. I started nursing school at age 53 and was the second oldest in my class of 29. I don't really take things personally and this is really an important trait to have. With a stable and constant projected growth and a median salary of $70,000 per year, [2] nursing is a secure career choice worth returning to school for. Trying to figure out whether or not you should go to nursing school can be a daunting task for many. Press J to jump to the feed. How fun! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In Pursuit of the RN to BSN. rpric7990. Many nurses are torn. Honestly, it is a lucrative degree for how relatively short the schooling is compared to the pay. Now a graduate of the Accelerated BSN, Kevin has some valuable advice for current and future nursing students, and that begins with taking care of yourself. Aspiring nursing students who are looking for a simple play-by-play of the steps needed to get into nursing school have come to the right place. P-lan. I have so many questions and fears and just don't know where to start. She was and still is the only person in her family with an advanced degree. Press J to jump to the feed. Instead they pound into you how you're going to be a respected professional, you're going to be doing all these wonderful things for your patient. Hi! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Get the Guide to Help You Succeed in Nursing School. SB 1393 nursing law in California should reduce costs for those who want to attend nursing school, but already have an advanced degree. People who searched for Should I Go to Medical School? I’m confused. Nursing school isn’t just for twenty year olds, as some may think. Just my 2 cents. . You will take courses in the classroom and in a clinical lab setting. If you’ve been asking should I become a nurse? That's when I first thought of becoming a nurse so that the next time something like this happens, I could be out helping people. Communities depend on nurses. All are welcome. I don't come from money, I thought I'd never go to school, and I can't tell if instinct and rationality are telling me this is the wrong choice, or if I'm just anxious because it's the biggest decision I've ever made. Go to nursing school first. . If anyone would like to chat or just comment about the pros and cons about going to nursing school, I would very much appreciate it! you know just how many factors go into the career decision. I am currently a CNA and have one client who I am a full time caregiver too. Your B.A. Nursing-Specific Exams . A high school diploma or the equivalent is required. But I try to be cognizant of when I am heading towards burnout and need some self-care time. If you’re considering continuing education, we have all the answers you need to determine whether going back to school is right … If you’re in need of a tutor for school, you can find one using this online platform. There are way too many variables involved in deciding whether or not being a nurse is right for you. They’re pre-vetted and you pick the time that works for your schedule. There are other opportunities to continue or start over. These insights from nurses can illustrate what becoming an RN really means. First of all, it is hard to go to school full time and maintain a full time job especially when you start having to complete clinical hours. Nursing school isn’t for the faint of heart. I do figure I will go for Nurse practitioner degree in the future. Little did I know that my journey to nursing school was going to change my career AND my life forever. Greg Wang, 51 (with daughter Claire), is now a Nursing student. “I think anyone coming into nursing school should really prioritize self-care and getting good food, good sleep, exercise,” he says. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is definitely challenging and heartbreaking at times. You are caring for people during what may be the darkest moments in their lives. - Quiz & Self-Assessment Test found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. I have seen a lot of negativity on this post so it's nice to see both sides. This question is a difficult one to respond to because the choice is very much a personal one and depends on many factors. As far as work-life balance, you'll be exhausted after your 12 hours shifts but then you have four days off to do whatever. There are TONS of opportunities for career advancement, like getting an MSN and becoming an NP, and you can easily make 80k. But I personally believe that is found in most jobs. A person who graduates from nursing school will go to work as a nurse in a hospital, private physician's office or other medical facility. It is fun to learn something new every day I work. Selecting programs, career tracks, specialties and all of the different workplace options out there can make you feel like a really small fish in a vast ocean. ADPIE is the acronym we use for the nursing process and it stands for: A -ssess. But class sign-ups are in February and for the first time it's really hitting me what a big decision this is. I know most hospitals are understaffed, I could still be helping where people need it most. I worked part-time and attended a 2-year part-time nursing school LPN program. Hire a Tutor for School. ... A place to discuss the topics of concern to the nurses of reddit. [7] X Research source The school should also be approved by a state board of nursing. Failing the program the first time doesn't mean you can't continue on. All are welcome. The decision to go back to school can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Before you even begin applying to nursing programs, it’s crucial to decide … Start by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Join the military as a medic and get them to pay for the whole thing. RN MSN who’s taught both didactic & clinicals for different local area nursing programs. A place to discuss the topics of concern to the nurses of reddit. I am certified in Illinois. Discover why advanced nursing … I think you meant maintain so I will answer it accordingly. 1 Likes. Whether it’s for nursing school, nursing school prereqs, or any school-related subject this is a platform you should check out. Join. How much of living your life do you have to sacrifice because of your work? I have so many different opinions being thrown at me, and so many fears I feel like I am in a fog. 2 Med School Essays That Admissions Officers Loved Here are tips on writing a medical school personal statement and examples of essays that stood out. Succeeding in Nursing School. So I go back … If I go to nursing there is a school near where I live. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or worries! So why did you guys decide to become nurses? Depending on the specialty you choose in nursing, you might be treating more really sick patients in a day than most paramedics treat in a week or more, which will make you a much stronger EMS provider. I'm afraid that going based on this feeling of obligation to help people might make me unhappy, but helping people -is- what makes me happy. I am awaiting placement into a nursing program, either a 16-month accelerated RN program or the traditional 24-month, hoping to start in January. Prospective nursing students should consider online learning, which can help with overcoming these challenges. You should do the same. I really do try to employ specific and direct strategies to diminish the effects of burnout (i.e. I have so many questions and fears and just don't know where to start. Hello! Tell us about your journey to find FilmSchoolSF: I found an accelerated film school program in Berkeley shortly after I realized I wanted to be a filmmaker. You should only go if you want to catch up with old friends. I have been trying to decide if I want to further my career and become a nurse. I am 22 yrs old and have failed the nmjc nursing program twice. There are so many options and, in many scenarios, you’re not around blood. But that doesn’t mean nursing students should freak out. Just helping someone use the bedside commode so they don't have an accident is helping them in a huge way! It is disheartening to see that rather than prioritizing to solve the nursing shortage our nation is providing, institutions continue to capitalize on thousands of students who have no choice but to follow the process. “It will only take you 2 more years to finish the majors, given your Biology degree.” “It’s closer to being a doctor.” “It’s a noble, compassionate, helping job.” “You can go abroad and earn BIG that will allow you to … I started nursing school with high hopes, but after my fourth semester, I dropped out.

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