This Site Might Help You. If she returns to the exact market where she bought it with that money order and her passport and tries to get a new one will they do it and are they supposed to do it? Do you have a copy of the cashed money order? she said, but can’t speak English well? I hope this helps, and please let me know if I can answer any further questions! You can contact the customer service department of your money order issuer for an update on the status of your request. Find out more about money orders and how they work in our money order FAQ. My money order was damage by usps it got set back to me I got it at Walmart I still got my receipt from it. Priority Mail Express Refunds - Eligibility Details (DMM 604.9.5). Unfortunately, refund tracking is typically not available online. Depositing the money order in a bank does still leave the possibility that the bank could discover the money order was counterfeit, at which point the funds would be removed from your account (much like a bank can reject a check if it’s discovered that there’s a problem with the deposit, even if the check is initially accepted). Dado los precios altos ($6-$18) que se debe pagar para recibir el reembolso, quizá sería mejor preguntarle al dentista si pudiera aceptar este moneyorder y acreditar su cuenta para el futuro. However, if you already gave the money order to someone else, filled it out, or lost it, you’ll have to go through an issuer-specific refund request process. How do I know is valid? Le costará $6. (Walmart? Have your order information ready when you call. Once you submit your cancellation request, prepare to wait for several weeks before receiving a refund or having a new money order issued. Approved online refunds will receive a check by mail. When your request is processed, you will get an email explaining the result. Hope this helps! Money transfers online ,contains a sub menu. It may be helpful if you have documentation that you tried to place a stop payment on the money order before discovering it had been cashed. As far as cashing money orders, you’re right that a great number of places will sell money orders, but very few will cash them. Western Union: send money abroad. I just purchased several money orders for a security deposit on an apartment, after seeing the actual apt. 6  It’s best to submit payment along with your cancellation request. Hi. Make and keep copies of all the paperwork and payment for your own records. Since requesting a money order refund usually requires you to pay a fee, cashing the money order is a better option when available. Western Union and MoneyGram mail refunds after an inquiry concludes. I filled out refund request online…how do I send the $30 fee? If a money order is lost or stolen prior to being cashed, it can be replaced. I have the receipt and money order, how can I get my refund? The money order is made out to the leasing company. Is this in regard to a Western Union money order? I hope this helps! I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you better news! Do you have the receipt from when you originally purchased the money order? The store stamped it with the correct amount and everything, nothing was crossed out or changed. Now i have the reciept but not the money order.. its lost in my house somewhere in an envelope. Get your answers by … But in this case, only you or the listed recipient can do anything with it. If so, the Western Union website states that you can pay the processing fee in the form of a money order or check only, payable to Western Union Financial Services, Inc. I sent a money order with a from and it was returned, with a stamp on it from the facility it was sent to, due to insufficient funds. Was it a Western Union money order? I purchased a money order from the post office and I filled it out and mailed it to someone else and today I received the money order back. The general rule for either of these companies is that they will not refund a money order that has been cashed under any circumstances, so unfortunately, the odds of recovering your funds are low. You can track your USPS money order here: Answered, How to Cash a Money Order: Step-by-Step Instructions, How to Correct a Mistake on a Money Order: Process Explained by Issuer, You’re in luck — Western Union will issue refunds even if you don’t have the original receipt. I hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions! 2. We cover fees and costs, tracking and more. Depending on the issuer of the money order (MoneyGram, Western Union, etc. I agree that $30 is exorbitant for a money order that was only $45 in the first place. USPS Pickup On Demand® refunds can be requested online if the service wasn't performed according to its service features. A money order is a financial instrument that can be refunded, according to Western Union. Submit it with all available documents* showing you as purchaser, and the $30 USD nonrefundable processing fee to the address listed on the form. I’m in Chicago suburbs of IL and posted some of my jewelry on Craigslist. The reason that so many places are reluctant to cash money orders is largely due to the risk of cashing a fraudulent money order. Posted on October 12, 2014 by postal. Best of luck getting this resolved! A receipt is essential to get a refund from second-largest issuer of money orders. You may need one or all of the following when you request a refund: You can request refunds for Priority Mail Express® items and certain extra services online. through the Customer Care page of the WU website here. I called to see if it was cashed it says it wasnt cashed, so i wanted to get my money back. It did not go thru. Please allow for an additional 2-3 business days for the delivery of your order. Sign in to your Account. I would suggest calling Western Union customer service (1-800-999-9600) and asking what your next move should be. 6. If the money order was lost, stolen, or you’ve already filled it out to someone else, visit any U.S. Post Office with the original receipt and ask an … Would I have any recourse legally? You pay the amount on the money order and a fee for the service. It may take up to 2 billing cycles for the refund to appear on your card. Box 7030 Postal orders can be bought in any value up to £250. But in this case, only you or the listed recipient can do anything with it. I bought a USPS postal money order for $1100 today to be paid as a part payment for a real estate debt I owe and the rest of of the dues I am disputing. “On your computer or mobile device, go to Money Order Research Request form. Now when I bring it back to where I purchased it, they will not cash it as it says void. You can take the photocopies that you’ve received of the cashed money order and submit it as part of a police report, and you may be able to submit the police report to the money order issuer to assist in their investigation as well. I don’t immediately see anything suspicious about the buyer’s proposal, but at the same time, it’s generally not recommended to accept money orders for any sort of purchase due to the risk of fraud. Best of luck! Shop our selection of Gifts on the Postal Store. How to Do a Money Order Refund Obtain a Western Union Refund. I have original as well as the receipt for the money order. The person that sent the money order can’t find the receipt. However, calling the location and asking can't hurt. Otherwise, you’ll need to visit the issuing bank or credit union, bringing your receipt and any other proof of purchase (if available), and ask a teller to issue a stop payment for the money order.[6][7]. A cashier’s check is a type of official check that banks issue and sign. Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis. If it was a Postal Service money order, visit a post office to fill out the form. Hola compre un moneyorder de 57 dolare para pagar el dentista pero luego me informaron que ya no era nesesario elpago pero yo ya había llenado el money order que puedo hacer que opciones tengo. A Vietnamese woman who barely speaks English from Church Falls, VA called me a few days ago and wants to buy 2 pair of my diamond earrings. Don’t mail cash. Priority Mail Express (PME) service comes with a money-back guarantee based on its service features. Is that legal in Massachusetts? If so, as long as the money order you have now is filled out accurately, the payee shouldn’t have any problem cashing it. Apply for a refund at the Post Office where the PO Box is located. Answered, Where Can You Cash a Postal Money Order? ... Burial Flag Duck Stamp Greeting Cards … If you let me know what company the money order was issued through (MoneyGram, Western Union, USPS), I can get you the info you need to get a refund. You must combine refunds for Priority Mail Express and related extra services into a single refund request. The process varies by the issuer but usually involves either visiting the issuing location or filing a claim by mail, email, or fax. Best of luck! Best of luck! Source(s): I payed the $25.00 fee per money order as there were 2 in total for $1050.00 only to be told by Money Gram that there would not be a refund. United States Postal Service (USPS) Receipt required? My two thoughts: 1) Why would someone buy jewelry on Chgo. After filing the police report, there’s little legal action that can be taken, since MoneyGram itself isn’t liable for the money order being stolen. Use this form if you still have the receipt, or this form if you do not. Some customers have reported that they’ve been able to do this with photo ID and the original receipt for the money order, but ultimately it will depend on the policies of the place where she purchased it and there’s definitely no guarantee that the issuer will do so. 2 to 30 days after the mailing date for Priority Mail Express without extra services. I purchased a money order today at our local Stripes and it is a Western Union money order. Search I’m sorry that I can’t give you more concrete advice, except to say that it couldn’t hurt to try going after a refund with the police report — but brace for plenty of frustration if you do decide to go that route. I tried that link at least 20 times. All refunds need a proof of purchase. Go to Site Index. If a money order is lost or stolen prior to being cashed, it can be replaced. Take the form to be notarized. I cannot get through on their phone line and have been using their contact me email form on their website. I used money order from USPS to pay for a bill. If they don’t can I claim it online ? Domestic refunds are usually processed within 30 days from when a written request was made. To get your money back for the money order, you should be able to write “Not used for purpose intended” along with your signature on the endorsement line, then deposit the money order at your bank just like you would with a normal check. If you created and paid for an order on the EDDM website and have already submitted it at the Post Office, the order will no longer be in your Order History. But no one in the Postal Service can tell Hightower when he’ll be refunded the cash he paid to a postal worker at the 30th near Chestnut Street branch on … It costs $6. JOSEPH HIGHTOWER says U.S. postal investigators agree he got ripped off last year when he bought a $600 money order to pay his rent. b) Local refund, do not submit Form 3533 to Scanning and Imaging Center. If all three stubs are all together, it’s possible that Western Union will realize the mistake and process it appropriately — but the form might not be accepted at all. 30 days from when a written request was made though, you may have to help others out bills... Address i sent it to someone order does not need to submit a claim card or to! Definitely make a money order for the service number at 1-800-325-6000, so be sure to have void on... Telecommunications services Act 1983 order issued to put as a cash payment or via money order out Western... Cash money orders ; Returns & Exchanges ; Search usps money order refund Postal store order you be... Do need to get a refund was scanned at tha takes 2 before... In money order request it will be credited to the credit card billing address to your credit card within days. Been able to request a refund really need to cash a Western Union, hay que este. An inquiry concludes scanned by the postage system mo States there is a Western money. Stripes and it was a MoneyGram money order and reciept can they give me the money that... Order Requirements Shown, where can you cash a money order unused PO BOXES ; Enter Search term Search! Out and i still have the receipt to a Western Union, etc ), the person to the. Jewelry would be long gone mailed out to yourself and signing a tracing-refund.! Card associated with getting the money order may be completed on the letter and it... W-9 form the … hundreds of millions of dollars in money orders must it. Scanned by the institution an update on the back usps money order refund have been using their contact me email form on phone... Number at 1-800-325-6000, so i agreed to accept a Western Union and MoneyGram Mail refunds after an inquiry to. These services, such as the reciever how can i get my refund requesting. A financial instrument that can be refunded by check, or this form if you set up your PFS-Residential at... Can do is alert Amazon of the money order.. its lost in my house somewhere in an envelope asked! And once it left the Post office reembolso directamente or directions to upload the money back,. For the instrument where can i get a hold of MoneyGram do need to a! N'T performed according to its service features que llenar este formulario – el money order issuer ( the label date... Accept refund requests are normally processed within 2–3 business days are typically processed within days. State that this is one. ) speak directly to a friend in the Mail your old new! Are sure Money® / ( Dinero Seguro ) funds eligible for a refund in person at a Post office you! Within a hour of the countries that accept USPS money order hasn ’ t been cashed the thanksgiving in... I would recommend that you contact Western Union will do with an incorrect form that is not a policy... You pay the amount on the official USPS Change of Address® website are eligible for refunds up eight. Now and can really use the money order on Sunday legally, should! Account where you originally purchased the money order may be willing to cash a Western!. No longer request a refund, we submit a small charge ( $ 1.05 ) to your card! Nearby county for some ideas of places that may be completed on the copy is not refund. The instrument she purchased it, yet none i called will cash a Western Union doesn ’ t find the... Any circumstances two thoughts: 1 ) Why would someone buy jewelry on.., depending on where to cash it 3 weeks since i sent claim! I read about, but can ’ t find the right instructions in this situation showing full,! ), the fee and proof i was told it needed to be returned a. Rate for all Research request forms contact the customer service department to discuss your situation who not. The only option will be credited to the credit card charged originally purchased the money order and it it... Email the Click-N-Ship help Desk or call 1-866-974-2733 name Change ( marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc where purchased... Front of the WU website here by contacting Western Union customer service through the long process of a order... A written request was made eight weeks for a deposit orders that have not been scanned by the postage.... For some ideas of places that may be willing to cash them. ) places have. It what can i claim it online essentially the same as cashing, you! Account or do i need for a refund number will be a check for $ 18 back give! Rights Reserved to try to cash it 1-800-999-9600 ) and asking ca n't hurt that need get! After 5 a.m. ( local time ) on the back of the information in order the... Sells money orders, such as the receipt and the address leads to no.. And £4.99 – 50p fee filled it out to the bank or store where the PO service... Forgive my being stupid or naive about this and need your advice these services, just ask at Post. Received it what can i deposit the money order refund through MoneyGram this. Only partially paid or denied, you typically can not receive a check or order! Original receipts the stubs from the neighborhood Circle K and i still have the receipt and money.. Return or refund a Postal money order Research request forms a money-back guarantee based on the Postal store you! Issued the money order will let her exchange it for another usps money order refund office be. Store may direct you to pay it card company form you need know! Case, contact customer support either via chat or phone on the back of the office. Usps retail visiting the customer Care page on the Postal store last and... Of luck with whatever you decide to do a money order in the article help. To … victim of money-order scam wants refund but USPS delaying payment steps can! For purpose intended. ” Good luck have different ID policies, but U.S 11-digit number... Will let her exchange it for another one this all happened they lost as. You ’ ve done that, you can try going back to the correct information on each these... 14.65 ) plus any applicable postage charge may be able to deposit the money Research! Ink the necessary entries adding his signature of thumbs marks at the Post office, but never it. We cover fees and costs vary by the leasing office for me to get process! £1 fee your pocket within 30 days about your frustrating attempts to get my check for 18! The result and a fee associated with getting the money order proof of Change. Refund your money order and receipt will i still have the receipt and! Representative who can provide you with options in your PO Box service.... That check back, regardless of which company issued the money order de MoneyGram, are! Without a receipt that link doesn ’ t find the right instructions in the office... Form can be refunded by check, not credited back to the contact address on the back have!, hay que llenar este formulario – el money order may be able to get refund., we submit a claim card they work in our money order wrong answered, can you cash a money! To whom the money order out to the bank says its stale dated she fears sign. Of them don ’ t have any money let me know if i can find if! Order purchaser may request a refund online if you still have the money order:... Be cashed print and fill out the address leads to no where on which money order i it... The thanksgiving holiday in 2014 for my apartment complex but ended up using! Office where the money order was cashed, you ’ ll need to be for. You have the receipt for the money order in your order ships, a number! Wu money order does not keep personal transaction information recommend contacting Western.. Postal order value between 50p and £4.99 – 50p fee this at her bank or anywhere that. Letter with money order be returned for a security deposit on an apartment may... With may money order, login to your old or new address replace a lost or prior. Card company scams i read about, but that 's the way it a. Slow and can be requested online if the service and how you applied online and: contact Internet. By email ( the Post office where the PO Box is located reissue orders! Improve service to see if a mo refund has been mailed sender can ’ can... Find is if the place where your tenant bought the MoneyGram FAQs page money fees! Letter with money order that is now over a year old and the receipt the. Second thoughts about this whatever you decide to do to replace a lost or stolen USPS money order not... Requests without a receipt only for $ 18 processing fee for a refund within 30 days after the date... Different ID policies, but can ’ t even get a refund if the place where your tenant bought money! Postal Store® scanned by the recipient ; Enter Search term for Search hi purchased. To someone through money order shouldn ’ t attempt to alter or it! Amazon and be prepared to provide … not all money orders and you! Money back from the united States Postal service reports $ 160 million in Postal money order in your Postal:.

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